Thursday, September 19, 2019

How to Connect, Care, Grow at WEC!


Hey Robert!

Great afternoon to all of you!  I wanted to send out an email to you to let you know our Groups Launch last weekend was a big success.  We still have another opportunity to get involved in groups this Sunday.  Everybody needs a group and we would love to help you find one. At WEC, we desire for you to get into a group for basically 3 reasons.  We know it’s important to CONNECT with others during the week.  The connection that we can have to a group gives us the opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with some we know.  Connection is a vital part of our daily lives and groups help this.  Groups are also the primary care vehicle for WEC.  Yes, CARE is a big deal and with the size of WEC, care is much easier to happen in the context of a small group.  We can promise you that you will be cared for.  If you are not in a group we actually can never know what is happening in your life.  Finally you will grow.  Our lead pastor, Stu Hodges, talked last Sunday about inclining off the recliner and set our hearts and minds on God.  If you are feeling stagnant in your faith, search for a group and find something that will light the fire inside of you to start growing again.  We are responsible for our own individual growth but collectively we can sharpen each other and help each other grow also.  Decide now to get into a group and let’s make it happen this Sunday.  If you are in a group, I pray that this semester for you will be your best yet.  Have a great week everybody and don’t forget to INVITE someone to come with you this Sunday. 

Oh, by the way, our Yorktown Campus lobby is undergoing some major changes that you will get to see very soon so make sure you join us, it’s going to be absolutely amazing!

I Believe!!!

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