Sunday, September 12, 2021

Photo request for Smith Cemetery

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Thomas Terrence Webb (162161380)
1659–26 Nov 1718

Smith Cemetery (2272190)
, York County , Virginia
Map available.

Requesting contributor: Charla Rice (46842867)
Note from contributor: Unfortunately, I have no information on this grave. I am just hoping to get lucky and have someone find it. This would be a 9th Great Grandfather. Thank you in advance for anything that you can help with.

Instructions for Photographers
  • If you can photograph this monument, click "Claim Request" above. This will give you 14 days to fill the request and help avoid duplicate work by other photo volunteers.
  • Once you have photographed the monument, use the 'Fulfill' button found on the photo request or the memorial page to upload the photo and fulfill the request.

Additional Tips
  • There may be other open photo requests at Smith Cemetery that you could fulfill while you are there. Check the cemetery page.
  • Take your photo with a GPS enabled phone or camera so that the location of the grave will be added to the memorial.
  • Family members are often buried near each other. While you are at the grave, check to see if there are more markers with the same surname nearby that need a photo or GPS coordinates.

Thanks for being a Find a Grave Photo Volunteer!


Find a Grave's Photo Request System is a network of volunteers, helping others freely. Please do not request any money for your photo volunteer service. Doing so violates the spirit of the volunteer system and is against Find a Grave policy. Repeated abuse of this policy will result in account suspension.

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