Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fwd: Updated York County Tax Maps

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Date: Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 9:38 AM
Subject: Updated York County Tax Maps
To: melisalex@gmail.com

The following tax maps were recently updated on the website.  You may download them manually, or click on the links below.

http://www.yorkcounty.gov/Portals/0/gis/TaxMaps/q09.pdf  (Hamilton R. Thornton, Jr., and Delores J. Thornton (Deceased) - Family Subdivision - 124 & 126 Court Road)
http://www.yorkcounty.gov/Portals/0/gis/TaxMaps/d19.pdf  (Langhorne M. Wilson - Family Subdivision - 126 & 138 Fenton Mill Road)
http://www.yorkcounty.gov/Portals/0/gis/TaxMaps/t06.pdf (Lot 4 & Lot 3A Jefferson F. Wilson Estate  - Resubdivision - 304 & 400 Old Lakeside Drive)
http://www.yorkcounty.gov/Portals/0/gis/TaxMaps/u06.pdf (James D. McCreery & John L. McCreery - BLA - 108, 206 & 306 Ilex Drive)
http://www.yorkcounty.gov/Portals/0/gis/TaxMaps/u07.pdf (James D. McCreery & John L. McCreery - BLA - 108, 206 & 306 Ilex Drive)
http://www.yorkcounty.gov/Portals/0/gis/TaxMaps/t06.pdf (James D. McCreery & John L. McCreery - BLA - 108, 206 & 306 Ilex Drive)
http://www.yorkcounty.gov/Portals/0/gis/TaxMaps/t07.pdf (James D. McCreery & John L. McCreery - BLA - 108, 206 & 306 Ilex Drive)

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call the GIS department at gis@yorkcounty.gov (757) 890-3899.

York County GIS Staff


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reminder: York Board of Zoning Subdivision Appeals @ Monthly from 7pm to 8pm on the fourth Thursday (PeninsulaTeaParty.org)

York Board of Zoning Subdivision Appeals

York Hall
Monthly from 7pm to 8pm on the fourth Thursday Eastern Time
301 Main St., Yorktown VA (map)
Admin PeninsulaTeaParty.org - organizer
Robert Bruce Alexander - creator

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