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‘Which Way Willy’ the horse hit by stray bullet in central Pa.: police

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August 30, 2023

Crime, crashes, calamities: Updates from the PennLive cops desk
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'Which Way Willy' the horse hit by stray bullet in central Pa.: police
The Appaloosa horse's right nostril was damaged during the weekend shooting in Adams County.
By Jenna Wise |
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Pa. man charged in connection with toddler's disappearance 37 years ago
Corey Edkin was 2 when he disappeared from his home in 1986 while his mother left to get pizza.
By John Beauge | Special to PennLive
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Person of interest ID'd in beating of German shepherd puppy: police
The puppy, which has since been named "Chance," is recovering at the York County SPCA.
By Jenna Wise |
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Central Pa. district closes all schools, offices because of 'disruption'
The school district did not give details on what the "network disruption" specifically affected.
By Madison Montag |
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Pair found dead on deck of Poconos home: police
Investigators believe they were shot in a domestic incident.
By Kurt Bresswein | For
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