Sunday, December 29, 2019

Middlesex County Republican Committee - Upcoming Events January 18-19-20 - Protect our Second Amendment Rights

Dear MCRC Members and Friends of MCRC,

Attached is information about two upcoming events you may want to attend.  The first is a two-day learning session, January 18-19, at the Hilton Garden Inn at the Richmond Airport.  January 20 is Lobby Day at the State Capitol.  Both events offer opportunities for us to voice our support to protect our Second Amendment Rights.

The learning session at the hotel will begin at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning to allow time to drive in that morning.  Hotel reservations will be needed for both Saturday and Sunday nights if you plan to stay over to attend Lobby Day, Monday, January 20.  Please note that a bus will be made available for us on Lobby Day to ride from the Hilton Garden Inn to the state capitol building with return to the hotel not later than 3:00 p.m. that afternoon.  A fee of $25/person will be charged to ride the bus, but given the expected crowd in Richmond, questionable available parking and fees for parking in Richmond, this $25 is a bargain!

For those of you who attended MCRC's Christmas dinner, December 19, you'll be aware that a new website has been developed,, by Jake Walker, Laura Walker and Lynda Muller.  If you visit the website, you can order lapel buttons or t-shirts, hoodies, etc., containing the message, 2A All The Way.  Note:  on the website you'll find an invitation to meet, January 8, opening day of the General Assembly in Richmond at the state capitol.  If I receive additional information about January 8 activities, I'll let you know.

Hope to see you at the learning session and/or Lobby Day!  Let me know if you have questions, or 804-776-0833.

Happy New Year!

Trudy Feigum
MCRC Chairman

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Constitution Seminar - 18 Jan 2020 - Yorktown

Constitution Leadership Initiative will be conducting the first seminar of 2020 on Saturday 18 January, in the Conference Room of Mid-Atlantic Commercial Realty, 110 Mid Atlantic Place, Yorktown, VA 23693.  The seminar begins promptly at 9am and will conclude before 6pm, with lunch included.  Due to constrains imposed by the room configuration, a maximum of 24 students will be admitted.

This will be an interesting next two years in Virginia; I think knowing the U.S. Constitution well will be helpful.  Thanks in advance for your help in getting the word out.

Gary Porter

"God... has formed us moral agents... that we may promote the happiness of those with whom He has placed us in society, by acting honestly towards all, benevolently to those who fall within our way, respecting sacredly their rights, bodily and mental, and cherishing especially their freedom of conscience, as we value our own." Thomas Jefferson to Miles King, 1814.