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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Photo request for Smith Cemetery

Photo Request

A Find a Grave photo request has just been made in your area.


Emmanuel James (202170461)
1711–4 Dec 1711

Smith Cemetery (2272190)
, York County , Virginia
Map available.

Requesting contributor: Tina Dobbs (46997127)
Note from contributor: Does anyone by chance know what the oldest headstone is out in the Smith's cemetery is? The reason why I'm asking this is that I'm needing to see if there are any James families out there so that we could really know the dates on family members. Thank you & have a blessed day!

God Bless

Instructions for Photographers
  • If you can photograph this monument, click "Claim Request" above. This will give you 14 days to fill the request and help avoid duplicate work by other photo volunteers.
  • Once you have photographed the monument, use the 'Fulfill' button found on the photo request or the memorial page to upload the photo and fulfill the request.

Additional Tips
  • There may be other open photo requests at Smith Cemetery that you could fulfill while you are there. Check the cemetery page.
  • Take your photo with a GPS enabled phone or camera so that the location of the grave will be added to the memorial.
  • Family members are often buried near each other. While you are at the grave, check to see if there are more markers with the same surname nearby that need a photo or GPS coordinates.

Thanks for being a Find a Grave Photo Volunteer!


Find a Grave's Photo Request System is a network of volunteers, helping others freely. Please do not request any money for your photo volunteer service. Doing so violates the spirit of the volunteer system and is against Find a Grave policy. Repeated abuse of this policy will result in account suspension.