Monday, April 19, 2021

KGTP Newsletter - 19 April 2021

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

Happy Birthday, America!  Today is the anniversary of the battle of Lexington and Concord… the day when fellow citizens rose up to repel British forces and the true marker signifying the birth of a nation destined to become independent of British rule.  Attached is a timeline that I put together depicting the events leading up to Lexington-Concord that I encourage you to skim through.

Today Should Be a National Holiday: An Annual Tradition.

The Courage of Your Convictions: Paul Revere

I do believe that present day events will, one day, be organized into a similar timeline to depict the course of history where historians will look for similarities.  Is the shooting of Christopher Seider on 22 February 1770 akin to the 6 January 2021 shooting of Ashley Babbitt?  Are the Coercive Acts of 1 May 1774 akin to Joe Biden's extensive -and growing- list of Executive Actions (  Will the American citizenry of present day respond to tyranny and the loss of liberties as we did in 1775?  Who will be the Paul Revere and William Dawes of this age?  Time will tell.

Michael Savage Warns of Civil War — 'You Should Be Very Frightened'

During our meeting on 1 April we all agreed that we would attend the next School Board meeting and provide some much-needed Citizen Comments.  The consistent themes would be how our taxes are being raised due to the School Board's budget and yet our county's students have yet to return to school full-time, how the quality of remote learning is below what we expect from our tax paid funds, and that when a checkout clerk at Wal-Mart or Food Lion can show up for an 8-hour work day of engaging with the public then we expect that ALL of our county's teachers can do the same for their tax-paid salary that is MUCH higher than that of a checkout clerk.  Join us at 6:00 PM on Wednesday 28 April 2021 at the King George High School to address the School Board (

Virginia Teacher Says 'Marxist' Critical Race Training is Damaging the Community

Why schools matter

Our next meeting will be Thursday 6 May 2021.  Again I will call for a volunteer to take the Chairman reins of the KGTP so that we can have a smooth turnover prior to my October relocation.  During this meeting I will discuss what I typically do during the week to craft these Newsletters and during the month to prepare for the meetings.  If you are interested and have specific questions I encourage you to contact me.  My perspective is that my job as the Chairman is to provide information to the membership… whether that is listing upcoming events, sharing news, enabling training, or analyzing current events.

The Deadliest Virus In The World: Communism

America May Be Heading Straight For A Greece-Type Situation, Here's What That Means For You

Sunday Talks, Devin Nunes Outlines How Leftist Democrats are Helping China and Intelligence Community Now Openly Spying on American Citizens

I have Liz Dickinson, who is the Virginia Executive Director of American Majority (, scheduled to speak during our 3 June 2021 meeting.  She will provide Election Integrity training and this will be EXTREMELY useful in our efforts to prevent a fraudulent election from ever occurring again.  Want to ensure that King George elections are run by the book?  Join us on 3 June!!!!

Attorney Matthew DePerno Sits with Jim Hoft and Patty McMurray in First Interview After Court Hearing on Antrim County Case

And now, for some "loose thread" news articles you might find of interest:

Media and Dems Condemn the America First Caucus

Jarome Bell: 'Virginia Is Going to Be America First Again'

Border Crisis: Biden Admin Set To Release Into The U.S. 400 Illegal Alien Families Per Day

Rep. Jim Jordan to Fauci: 'When Do Americans Get Their Freedom Back?' Fauci: [Crickets]

Gov. DeSantis Criticizes Vaccine Messaging: 'If You Get A Vaccine … You're Immune And So, Act Immune'

WATCH: CNN's Brian Stelter Confronted Over Explosive Videos Released By Project Veritas

CNN staffer admits network's focus was to 'get Trump out of office,' calls its coverage 'propaganda'

As always, I welcome any questions or comments you may have.

James Hull
King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia