Monday, October 31, 2016

3 Final Scott Taylor Rallies

3 Final Campaign Rallies!
We have 3 more campaign rallies in the final days leading up to Election Day! I hope you will join me at one of the following events:

1. Virginia Beach Rally
Thursday November 3rd
Eagle's Nest  Country Restaurant
600 Nevan Road
Virginia Beach VA 23451

2.Eastern Shore Rally
Friday November 4th
Island House Restaurant
17 Atlantic Ave, Wachapreague, VA 23480

3. Peninsula Rally
Sunday November 6th
County Grill Restaurant
1215 George Washington Memorial Hwy Suite A, Yorktown, VA 23693

We are one week away until Election Day!  

If you are interested in volunteering or would like a yard sign or bumper sticker, please email

Join Team Taylor today!


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Scott Taylor for Congress, PO Box 66528, virginia beach, VA 23466
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Notification: York Board of Zoning Subdivision Appeals @ Thu Oct 27, 2016 7pm - 8pm (

York Board of Zoning Subdivision Appeals

York Hall
Thu Oct 27, 2016 7pm – 8pm Eastern Time
301 Main St., Yorktown VA (map)
Admin - organizer
Robert Bruce Alexander - creator

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

on my way

I wanted to make sure you got this email below from my sister Caity. As soon as I get off work tonight I am headed to our Route 7 campaign office in Sterling to knock on doors. We have a fantastic group of volunteers and interns supporting my mom's campaign, but we have to make sure we have the necessary funding. The final FEC filing deadline of the entire campaign is at midnight tonight, here is the link:
Sincerely, Peter Comstock
Team Comstock,
Volunteers like Rachel are stepping forward every day and devoting their precious time to help my mom's campaign in our critical last 20 days. We have to fund our grassroots campaign plan in order to continue our door to door efforts. Every day we are canvassing neighborhoods and highlighting my mom's record of accomplishments to voters like you in Yorktown.  At midnight TONIGHT- that's in just 14 short hours- marks the final FEC fundraising deadline of the entire campaign. Will you support my mom, Barbara Comstock, with an immediate contribution to help see us to victory? Here is the secure link:

Sincerely, Caity Comstock

Letter: Rachel Tao, Sterling

Editor: I'm really proud to be represented in the U.S. House by the first woman elected to the 10th District, Barbara Comstock. She has a strong record of supporting women in all aspects of business, health and education as well as the mentorship of middle and high schoolers. This is why I was truly disgusted to see the misleading commercial her opponent, LuAnn Bennett, put on television implying that Rep. Comstock has worked against women's interests on the issue of equal pay.

The fact is that Barbara Comstock has championed the cause for equal opportunities for women throughout her entire career. Just this year, she was awarded the 2016 Leadership Award by The Women's Center, a non-profit organization in Vienna providing financial, legal, career and mental health counseling for women. In 2013 as a State Delegate, she established a Young Leadership Program which has provided mentorship to hundreds of young women by introducing them to inspiring women in business and science and encouraging them to pursue careers in these fields. She has continued to host this program across our District while in Congress. Barbara has no wage gap in her office and actually pays women, on average, more than men, and she has women in charge of her office, while LuAnn just pays women 85 cents on the dollar and has men in charge of her campaign. Barbara's record is part of a long record of supporting working women.

LuAnn Bennett doesn't appear to be aware of what goes on in Virginia's 10th District. We, the women who have put down roots here, support Barbara Comstock's work in Congress. When we see her opponent's misleading ads, we know better. Lu Ann Bennett should know better, too.

Rachel Tao, Sterling

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Notification: York County Board of Supervisor's meeting @ Tue Oct 18, 2016 6pm - 8:30pm (

York County Board of Supervisor's meeting

Tue Oct 18, 2016 6pm – 8:30pm Eastern Time
301 Main St, Yorktown, VA‎ 23690 (map)
Admin - organizer
Robert Bruce Alexander - creator

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Teacher Gazette: More Great Yorktown Resources

October's teaching resources from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Access these great resources about the Siege of Yorktown by signing into your account on the Colonial Williamsburg Education Resource Library!
Create a free account here.

Lesson Plan

Many myths surround American military tactics of the Revolutionary War. It is a commonly held belief that American troops were disorganized and undisciplined, using "guerilla tactics" to fight the British. In this lesson, students will learn about the different military tactics and weaponry of the 18th century, and identify the advantages and limitations of each.
Yorktown Primary Source Collection
Documents and Images

This collection of primary source documents and images allow students to uncover the perspectives of people at the time of the surrender. Includes images and documents from British, American, and European observers and contemporaries.
Citizens and Soldiers in the Siege of Yorktown
Lesson Plan

*Teacher Institute Alumni Exclusive*
Students examine the factors that led to the outcome of the siege of Yorktown by evaluating both citizens' and soldiers' experiences.
Teaching Tips: How to Use these Resources
  • Q: What's a good way to introduce primary sources to my students?
    A: A primary source is an original document, artifact, or other material created by someone who participated in or witnessed past events. They are materials directly related to a topic by time or participation. One way to introduce the idea to younger students is to ask them to imagine they are detectives. How would they figure out whodunit? Detectives talk to people who witnessed the event when it happened. When we look at the past, we "talk" to the people who witnessed events by reading and looking at the things they left behind. The Teacher Guide for Research Rescue Squad contains a useful overview for using primary and secondary sources. 
  • Q: I can't access the Teacher Institute Alumni Exclusive lesson plan.
    A: If you are a graduate of Colonial Williamsburg's Teacher Institute, contact us and provide your name and graduation year, and we'll make sure your Resource Library account allows you to access the Teacher Institute section. If you are not an alumni, consider applying this year (full scholarships are available!)


During this weekend workshop, discover how maps, prints, and other historic objects can be used as primary sources in the classroom. Explore in depth the exhibition "We Are One: Mapping the Road from Revolution to Independence" with museum educators and experts. Experience a behind-the-scenes tour of Colonial Williamsburg's historic area and meet people of the past as they bring to life the impact of changing political boundaries during the Revolutionary period. 

Scholarships are available for Virginia teachers! Email us to learn more.

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