Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fwd: County releases results of 2010/11 Public Opinion Survey

February 16, 2011
As part of its ongoing effort to gauge citizen opinions concerning a wide variety of county services, facilities and operations, York County recently completed a Public Opinion Survey.
This is the fourth Public Opinion Survey the county has conducted since the Board of Supervisors took on the initiative in 1998. Other surveys were conducted in 2000 and 2005.
The phone survey, conducted by a professional survey research consulting agency in December and January, polled 544 county residents in the Upper and Lower parts of the county, and asked citizens a series of standardized questions on a variety of topics. The completed interviews provide a statistically valid sampling of the county's population, accurate to within +/- 4.18 percentage points.
"Overall, I am pleased with the results from this year's survey," said County Administrator James O. McReynolds. "Virtually all the results show consistency with or improvement in the rankings from our previous surveys. All the information gathered in this survey will be thoroughly evaluated by myself and staff to determine how to maintain or improve our service to our citizens in the future."
This year's survey results showed that:
  • 99% of citizens give a positive rating to the Overall Quality of Life in York County
  • 98% believe that the county is a safe place to live
  • 91% of residents say they will likely be living here in five years
  • 86% think the county is staying the same or getting better
  • County staff's Responsiveness, Courtesy and Knowledge were all rated positively by at least 94% of citizens
  • 97% rated their interactions with staff positively
Not surprisingly, in light of reduced funding to the county's recycling program last year, only 85% of citizens gave the residential recycling program a positive rating, as compared to 96% in 2005.
"With the return to weekly pick-ups as of January 3, 2011, my hope is that those negative opinions will turn around," McReynolds noted.
The entire Public Opinion Survey results are online at
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