Friday, January 23, 2015

Know Your Constitution

Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

Alarmed at the continuing loss of fundamental freedom in American, I retired at the end of 2012 and took up the "hobby" of teaching the U.S. Constitution.  If there ever was a time when the American people needed to know their "Supreme Law of the Land" and rise up to fight for their unalienable rights, that time is now.

I've formed an organization called the Constitution Leadership Initiative, I write a weekly column for the Yorktown Crier newspaper and a couple of websites, I do a Friday morning radio show on the Constitution, and I try to keep people informed as to what is happening each week concerning attacks on their fundamental rights.  I'm looking for other citizens as concerned as I am over current events who want to both stay informed and learn more about their Constitution at the same time.

Did you know that a drug dog alerting to the presence of drugs outside your car on a public road permits a police officer to conduct a warrantless search of your car, while that same drug dog alerting on your front doorstep requires the officer first obtain a search warrant before entering the home?

If you want to stay informed and you want to receive a copy of my weekly essay (see sample attached) and other important documents from time to time, please reply to this email.

Gary Porter
924 Tabb Lakes Drive
Executive Director
Constitution Leadership Initiative

p.s. If you have friends who might also be interested, please feel free to pass this request on.

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