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Teacher Gazette -- April 2015

Teacher Gazette


Teaching Strategy

Archives have the essential task of preserving our "collective memory."  Deciding what to keep is just one of the many challenges that archivists face in their quest to protect documents that future generations will deem meaningful. In this lesson, students create an archive of documents that represents daily life in their school. Each student takes on the role of an archivist to select and evaluate what should be preserved in the "school life" archive. More

Primary Source
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Thomas Jefferson wrote this letter in Williamsburg on March 23, 1780. The capital of Virginia was being moved from Williamsburg to Richmond, because Richmond was thought to be easier to defend and easier to access as Virginia's population moved westward. Jefferson, then governor of Virginia, wrote to the Board of Trade to request ships to transport everything the government would need in the new capitol, including furniture, books, and papers.  More

"I think by far the most important bill in our whole code is that for the diffusion of knowlege among the people. [N]o other sure foundation can be devised for the preservation of freedom, and happiness."

Thomas Jefferson to George Wythe, August 13, 1786 

Red Thunder Book Popular historical novels for students, Red Thunder and Duel in the Wilderness, are now available as ebooks!
In Red Thunder, fourteen-year-old Nate Chandler and his dog Rex join James Armistead Lafayette, a slave, as spies for the Continental Army as the battle of Yorktown and the end of the Revolutionary War approach. In Duel in the Wilderness, Washington must deliver a message from the British king to the French commanders on the Ohio wilderness. Washington travels through frontier lands where hostile Indians and French soldiers lurk. If he fails, Britain and France may go to war.

HERO's Upcoming Live Broadcast
Research Rescue Squad
April 16, 2015
Someone is stealing books, removing footnotes and confusing students with false information. Luckily, the Research Rescue Squad will save the day! Join the Squad as it tries to defeat the evil mastermind, Dubious Sources, by helping students do solid research using the library, the Internet, and museums. More

Featured Product
Quill Lesson Units
Designed equally for the English classroom and for ELA instruction in the history classroom, Quill uses guided close readings of historical nonfiction to set the stage for students to respond with their own guided writing. After analyzing the persuasive, narrative, and expository writing techniques used in the featured primary source documents, and after reading additional historical documents that equip students to make cross-text comparisons, students respond by writing their own persuasive, narrative, or expository essays. All lessons closely correlate to Common Core State Standards.  More
Colonial Williamsburg Education Outreach is supported in part
by the William and Gretchen Kimball Young Patriots Fund.

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