Friday, June 12, 2015

Status of Fast Track

There has been some confusion about the status of Fast Track for the trade pacts.
The vote today was in three parts.  The first was soundly defeated by over 100 votes.  It had to do with workers getting compensated if they lose their jobs as a result of the pacts.  The second one was about Fast Track and was passed by a small number of Yea votes – I  think maybe 8 or so.
Having lost on the first vote that should have ended the matter as the three votes were in a package and the whole thing would have been dead
but Boehner called for a revote ! 
So the matter is still pending.   They will vote on it again  -  as early as next Tuesday. I don't know if they will vote on all three or just the one that didn't pass.
As for Wittman's votes – he did vote Yea on the Rule vote which meant that it would go to the floor for a vote.   Enough Nays would have killed it.
But to his credit he did vote Nay on Fast Track.
We need to commend him for that and urge him to vote Nay again on any parts  whenever they come up for another  vote.  
Questions about the issue?   Ask me – or see the attachment.   

Congressman Rob Wittman

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