Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Should we repeal and replace the ACA?

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Dear Friend -

One of the most pressing issues facing Congress is how to proceed with repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

As you know, the House and Senate recently passed, and the President signed, legislation that begins the repeal process. But there are still crucial questions that must be answered about the replacement.

Proponents of repealing the ACA say that the law has failed to live up to its major promises and that premium increases and lack of access to care have hurt Virginians. Meanwhile, opponents of repeal point out that the law is working and that those who need insurance the most may lose it.

My view is that American people deserve a patient-centered system that favors quality and choice, not a government-centered system. That why I have cosponsored H.R. 277, the American Health Care Reform Act of 2017, legislation which repeals the Affordable Care Act and replaces it with healthcare reforms that ensure everyone has access to quality, affordable health insurance and that individuals have more choices to find a healthcare plan that works for them and their families. 

But I want to know what you think.

Please take a moment to respond to the short survey below. Once we collect responses, I will contact you to report the results and lay out my thoughts on this critical issue.

Question: How should Congress proceed with repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act?

* Just repeal; worry about a replacement later

* Repeal but only if a replacement measure is in-place

* Do not repeal the law

* None of these/I don't know.

I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Your opinion helps shape my thinking as I represent you in Washington. 




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  1. US will probably pay Mexico to build the wall — material and labor will likely come from over the border

    President Donald Trump is scheduled to sign Executive Orders Wednesday that began the process of building his “big, beautiful wall” on the US/Mexico border. But it’s likely that foreign companies will financially benefit from building the wall.

    According to The Guardian, construction experts anticipate building the wall will cost more than $30 billion, despite Trump’s estimations, that it would be between $8 billion and $10 billion.

    Gleeds Worldwide, a contract consulting firm, said that even taking into account natural borders like mountains and the Rio Grande, the wall will cost $31 billion and take 40,000 people at least five years to build. .....

    The idea of building a 1,000-mile wall which is designed to be impenetrable is something that may well come back to haunt the president,” he said. The wall was “a highly effective and eye-catching election tweet but a pretty unrealistic tendering opportunity as currently reported.”

    A majority of the labor that would be brought in would likely come from the Mexico side of the border as well because their wage requirement is lower and more cost effective.
    “There would be a certain irony of getting Mexicans to build it,” he noted. “It would likely be a mixed labor force, but Mexicans would be much less expensive.”

    At the same time, the enormity of steel and concrete needed would require the U.S. to rely on Mexican-owned cement and concrete plants. Having the steel and concrete from U.S. companies means an added expense to transport it while the Mexican companies are closer to the border.

    Bernstein Investment Bank estimated that the Mexican company Cemex is the best one positioned to provide the materials. It’s the world’s second-largest cement and building materials producer and in the last year, stock for the company increased by 130 percent, reaching an eight-year-high.

    US builders Vulcan Materials and Martin Marietta Materials also have plants nearby. They similarly saw their stock increase, but only by 10 percent.

  2. Insecure, popular vote loser Donald Trump simply cannot let his disappointing inauguration attendance go!

    For five days he has pissed and moaned about the media accurately reporting his smaller-than-usual crowd, especially in comparison to the Women’s March the following day.

    Even today he did an interview with David Muir of ABC News and AGAIN whined about the crowd photos that widely circulated. He is so angry about what he feels is mistreatment from the media (for accurately reporting the crowd size) that he ordered this photo to be hung in the White House press hall. Not in one location, but in two locations within the press hall. Notice anything about the photo?

    The photo has the date "January 21st, 2017." Inauguration was JANUARY 20, you idiots!!!

    How long before Kellyanne Conway tries to convince us the inauguration really was on January 21?