Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Join me in York County Tomorrow!

Stewart for Senate

Friend --

You're invited to join me in Yorktown Tomorrow, May 30th, at 11 AM to discuss my plan to defeat Tim Kaine.

I've won 5 times in a blue Northern Virginia county while leading as a conservative. 

Here's my record: 

  • Prince William is ranked #1 for jobs in Virginia, 
  • has a triple-AAA bond rating, less than 2% of counties in the country have achieved this, 
  • and taxes are 30% lower than anywhere else in Northern Virginia.
  • Prince William was the first in Virginia to: 
    • eliminate the fee to obtain a concealed carry permit,
    • put retired police officers in our schools to protect our children,
    • and to require local law enforcement to turn criminal illegal aliens over to ICE for deportation after arrested. 

I have the record to back it up and that's why Trump asked me to be his Chairman in 2016. 

Join us in York County on May 30th at 11 AM and remember to vote on June 12th!

Meet and Greet in Yorktown
Joe & Mimma's Restaurant
5742 George Washington Mem Hwy
Yorktown, VA 23692
May 30, 2018 at 11 AM - 1 PM
RSVP Website - RSVP Facebook

If you cannot make it, please consider donating $10, $25, $50, or even $100 dollars to help keep us on the road!

Hosted by Chad Green & George Clark

Everyone is welcome! Donations are suggested.


Team Corey

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  1. I'd like to attend but I'm sorting my socks and underwear. First things first.


  2. You failed to mention that Trump FIRED YOU AS HIS VIRGINIA CHAIRMAN. Do you lie all the time or only when it suits you?


  3. 25 people showed up to meet Stewart.

  4. Your “pResident” continues to make statements that are never explained, no less verified as fact.

    As the leader of your party, we assume he speaks for all of you – and still we have yet to hear any corrections of the record when your “pResident’s” lies are proven to be just that.

    Trump has said repeatedly that it’s the Democrats who colluded with the Russians. Thus far, we not have heard a single fact that bears this out, or even an anecdotal incident, communication, or meeting that could possibly be construed as indicative of collusion. Of course, the charge is ludicrous on its face – surely no one believes that the Democrats colluded with our enemies in order to lose the 2016 election. If you have an explanation for this, we’re listening.

    Trump insists that unemployment numbers for blacks and Hispanics are going down due to his policies. Can you please explain why these numbers are falling at the same rate they have been for decades, and do not show any deviance from the downward trajectory they have been on since long before your “pResident” took office? If you can explain this, we’re listening.

    Trump accused President Obama of “wiretapping” him at Trump Tower, a serious offence that would, if true, undermine our democracy. We have yet to hear an apology for making this baseless accusation. We understand that your “pResident” never apologizes for anything – but is your entire party too devoid of decency to apologize for these totally false allegations against our former President? If you have any explanation whatsoever for why you have remained silent on this issue, we’re listening.

    Trump has now accused President Obama AND Secretary Hillary Clinton of directing the FBI to “infilitrate” his campaign by planting “spies” within their organization. After members of your party received a full briefing on the matter, we have only heard from Trey Gowdy that there is ZERO evidence of any such thing having occurred. If you have any reasonable excuse as to why you have not denounced this outrageous falsehood, we’re listening.

    Your “pResident” has appointed cabinet members that are clearly inexperienced in the areas of government they now oversee, and have demonstrated their ignorance and ineptitude when questioned about their specific responsibilities. If you have any explanation as to why these personnel choices are appropriate and serve the interests of the country, we’re listening.

    Your “pResident” has persisted in stating that the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is a “hoax”, a “witch-hunt” aimed at undermining the legitimacy of his presidency. Our nation’s entire intelligence community has determined that the interference is a proven fact. If you know of any facts that support Trump’s assertions of the opposite being the case, we’re listening.

    We understand why you don’t speak up every time your “pResident” lies to the American people, as you’d have to issue statements correcting his blatant falsehoods six times a day, on average. But surely you can explain why you never speak up at all, given the volume of lies that emanate from your “pResident’s” mouth on a daily basis. If you have a legitimate reason for NOT speaking out against the continuous litany of lies, we’re listening.

    Trump has done, and continues to do, everything in his power to thwart Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between his administration and Russian operatives. If you know of any reason why a man who claims innocence of any wrongdoing in this regard would continue to act as only a guilty man would, we’re listening.

    We couldn’t possibly be more interested in what you have to say on these matters. So please proceed, Republicans – we’re listening.