Monday, May 6, 2024

You have a refund from The Good Dog Yorktown LLC

Hello, Robert Alexander

The Good Dog Yorktown LLC issued a $194.00 USD refund

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Transaction ID
Transaction date
May 6, 2024 10:45:52 PDT
Total purchase amount
$398.00 USD
Amount refunded
$194.00 USD
Refund to PayPal balance.
$194.00 USD

Refund paid by

The Good Dog Yorktown LLC

Refund paid to

Robert Alexander


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1 comment:

  1. Why does this useless website still exist? It's a waste of bandwidth. Read the articles posted here -- every single one of them is some sort of automatic post that someone signed up for years ago and never did cancel their subscription.

    The Virginia Tea Party is on life support. Its website and Facebook page serve only for one dimwit to post his raves about communist and Marxists and other imaginary people along with his favorite bullshit comments from Fox, OANN, and other propaganda outlets.

    On the VATP website is a "community" page that lists ten Tea Parties in the "community." Problem is, the websites of 6 of the 10 return a 404 error, cannot find; one -- the King George Tea Party is out of business because it's long time president is in jail for his role in the Jan 6 attempted coup.

    In my rural area, we had two Tea Parties. Both of them died in November 2016 after struggling along with 5-10 people attending their meetings. Their old websites and Facebook pages are still there, no activity on them since Fall of 2016.