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Fwd: Crime Watch Alert - Multiple Cars Break-ins (Larceny from Auto)

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Date: May 10, 2011 7:50 AM
Subject: Crime Watch Alert - Multiple Cars Break-ins (Larceny from Auto)
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Dear Neighbors,


The following Crime Watch Alert is provided in support of your community Crime Watch Program.  I received the following notice on May 8th


"Several cars in Tabb Lakes had windows broken out this morning around 4 am, my car included.  My purse was taken, but I found it in my back yard – the contents had been dumped out.  A small amount of cash and one credit card was stolen.  A tarp was taken from the utility trailer parked in my driveway and thrown over my motion-sensitive floodlight above my garage.  The same tarp was used in the same manner at my neighbor's house. Three cars on my cul-de-sac were broken into and several other cars in the neighborhood were broken into; at least one on Tiger Paw Path and one on Tabb Lakes Drive, from which an IPod Touch and a GPS were stolen.  There were probably more throughout the neighborhood.  The sheriff's department is investigating. In fact, they were already at my neighbor's when I went out and found my car window smashed."  End Notice.


I contacted the Sheriff's Office on  May 9th  to confirm the information above and obtain an update.  The deputy I spoke to not only confirmed the multiple car break-ins in Tabb Lakes but stated that several car break-ins had occurred in Yorkshire Downs and the Four Season Apartments.  In all, between May 7th and 8th there were 8 auto larcenies.  Of the eight cars, only three were reported to have broken passenger side windows.  Most of the cars were entered though unlocked doors.


The Sheriff's Office asked that I stress to the public that vehicles parked outside of a garage are a favorite target of opportunity for thieves, especially those that are left unlocked.  Generally speaking, thieves usually will not break a car window because of the noise the action can generate.  It can alert the owner or someone else nearby and this is a risk most thieves want to avoid.  However, occasionally a thief may feel that the risk is worthwhile.  This is especially true if the contents of a car is in plain sight and appears to be of significant value.  That may have been the case with the lady's purse.  The Sheriff's Office is continuing to study these cases and asks the public to be vigilant and report all suspicious activity.


Over the past 10 years, I have observed that as the school year ends the rate of larceny from auto, vandalism and other neighborhood crimes tend to increase.  This criminal activity is not just limited to juveniles.  Many young adults have been caught up in these crimes.  Knowing that your car or truck is  unsecured and a prime target for criminals, what are you doing to keep your valuable safe?  Past reports show that items stolen from vehicles include money, cell phones, car radios, wallets, golf clubs, and hand guns just to name a few.  If your car is going to remain parked outside throughout the night, it is recommend that you remove all valuables and don't think for one moment that your car trunk is a safe place.  Once inside a car, access to the truck is usually just a button or lever away.  Also, remember the garage door opener can provide access to your house, which is a whole other issue.  If you do not take proper precaution to secure you valuables, you may not only lose them but face the inconvenience of having to replace credit cards, a driver license, and other important items.


Please help keep our community safe by sharing this information with your family, neighbors and friends.  Anyone wishing to receive future Crime Watch Alerts and my District 5 Report will be placed on the distribution list upon request to tgshep@cox.net or tshepperd@yorkcounty.gov.  Please include your name and residential address.  Phone numbers are optional.  All personal information is kept confidential.  Opinions expressed in the alerts and reports are mine and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of other elected representatives within the County.  Comments and questions are always welcome.




Tom Shepperd

District 5 Representative

York County Board of Supervisors


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