Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fw: Attached is LD 12104646D.doc

Fellow Hobbyists: Please see preceding emails – Looks like good news to me.
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PLEASE share this with your clubs, members & fellow hobbyists!
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 Subject: Fwd: Attached is LD 12104646D.doc

Received this fresh from SEMA moments ago. This is the amended Bill as a substitute. It is actually in our favor now since the language exempting vehicles 25 years old and older will now apply to current code if this is signed into law...which may be tough. I hope it passes because it actually closes a loophole through which future manipulation might create a means of going around our tax exempt status.
You guys will have to decided how you want to handle it. Fred and I have talked about it earlier, and I will be writing in support of the Bill at this point with the amendments since Delegate Sickles negotiated in good faith, and its good business for us to reciprocate as at least I have promised them.


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