Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tell Yorktown where you stand this election

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Grassroots Action Alert
August 18, 2012
In This Issue:
1. Tell Yorktown where you stand this election! 2. The next step is anarchy!

1. Tell Yorktown where you stand this election!    
Leftist leaders are ramping up their attacks against Mitt Romney and his new running mate, Paul Ryan. Joe Biden even characterized Romney/Ryan in slave owner terms, saying, "[Romney and Ryan are] gonna put y'all back in chains."

But throughout the nation, Americans aren't buying it. Citizens are showing up by the thousands to Ryan events. Here at Grassfire in the past few days, we have received orders for thousands of our custom-designed "Romney/Ryan 2012" ReStickers and yard signs.

In fact, the demand has been so strong that approximately half of our original print quantity of Romney/Ryan 2012 ReStickers has been pre-ordered. It is quite possible that by early next week our first print run will already be totally spoken for.

+ + LIMITED TIME ONLY: Discounts up to 50% Off

If you want to ensure the quickest shipment possible of your Romney/Ryan 2012 ReStickers and yard signs from Grassfire, we need to hear from you this weekend if possible. Please note that we are offering these to our team members at up to 50% off the individual item price.

To see and order our exclusive Romney/Ryan ReStickers and Yard Signs, go here.

Patriots from coast-to-coast are embracing Grassfire’s ReStickers -- a truly breakthrough bumper sticker that sticks, re-sticks and will stick again to just about anything. From car bumpers to windows to laptops and just about everything in between, Grassfire's ReStickers are redefining bumper stickers.

And don't forget our all-weather, colorfully designed yard signs that make a bold statement wherever they are placed! Ruggedly constructed and able to withstand the elements, it's simply the best way to broadcast your message.

+ + Great way to tell Yorktown where you stand...

If you are looking for an effective and simple way to let your neighbors know where you stand in this election, take a moment right now to order your Romney/Ryan 2012 ReStickers and/or yard signs.

Your friends at Grassfire Nation

2. The next step is anarchy!   

From the Desk of Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel

“Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”  Senator Daniel Webster, 1851

Have you ever taken an official oath of office – or a soldier’s oath to defend our nation? The official oaths of office in the United States of America call for a solemn pledge to defend our Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  
Enemies of the United States of America – of both the foreign and domestic varieties – would love nothing better than to destroy the very foundation of this nation. 
Tyrannical leaders around the world and in all time periods since our founding have despised our Constitution because it represents everything despots hate: Government of the people, by the people and for the people!
After decades of defending the Constitution in courts of law and public opinion, I am convinced that the greatest threat to our Constitution now comes from within our own borders – America’s homegrown, domestic enemies.  
Never before has this document that was forged in the flames of the American Revolution come under such a withering attack from those who call themselves American citizens.
Even our own federal officials have systematically hacked away at the Constitution in recent years. 

The bottom line is this…the Constitution of the United States is being systematically assaulted in order to form a more socialized union! 
Most Americans do not begin to realize how far we have already strayed from the principles our Founding Fathers laid down in the Constitution.
When Daniel Webster spoke of "anarchy throughout the world" more than 160 years ago, he could have been speaking of our own time!  True anarchy is spreading, even here in America.  Just consider some of the recent "Occupy Wall Street" protests, for example.

The enemies of American exceptionalism know the Constitution is our nation's foundation and that its subversion will be the fastest way to change America into a society of THEIR liking. 
++Liberty Counsel will continue defending the Constitution against ALL enemies! 
This is why I am writing to ask you to join a powerful national campaign to DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION by signing our Oath of Allegiance Letter today.
The Oath of Allegiance Letter promises that you will stand with Liberty Counsel and many tens of thousands of like-minded, patriotic citizens of the United States to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic!  
Liberty Counsel will then present our signed Oath of Allegiance Letter to our elected officials to let them know – in no uncertain terms – that we expect them to adhere to their own Oath of Office, the Constitution, and the battle against the Constitution’s enemies.

For nearly 225 years, this amazing document has helped sustain America as what former President Ronald Reagan called “the shining city on a hill.”

Unless Americans reaffirm their allegiance to the Constitution, our rights to speak out disagree with and petition the exercise religious own a firearm to defend ourselves...and other crucial rights...are likely to disappear forever!
Make no mistake:  When our rights come under attack, the Constitution itself is under attack and at great risk! Right now, Americans face a "clear and present danger" to the freedoms that they have taken for granted for too long!
Together, let's reaffirm our allegiance and restore our constitutional rights!

Please click here to sign.

Thank you for standing with us, 
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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