Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Please join us tonight: To stand up for property rights & against abuse of power

The Rally to protest the down-zoning of 4000-7000 properties in York County is tonight at 6:00 pm.
l truly hope you will sacrifice and attend.
If we don't stand up for each other & stand against this type of abuse of power, we are part of the problem.
For those of you who live in York County, l know you would not be about to lose your right to conduct agriculture on your land if it was not for the attack against my oyster farm ... l hope you will forgive me.
But this situation highlights the wrong way to govern by punishing the 99.9% to get the one you dislike.
Greg Garrett 
offices in Hpt Rds from Chesapeake to Williamsburg
Licensed in Virginia
cell # 757-879-1504

Please let me know who needs to buy or sell a house

Help Orphans NOW! (click here)

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