Monday, March 16, 2015

Rob Wittman's Weekly Update

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I've always believed that frequently engaging with my constituents is one of my most important duties in Congress. Good feedback and commonsense ideas are consistently the products of my interactions with First District residents, whether we're communicating via Facebook, over email, or even face to face in the paint aisle at Home Depot. This type of engagement and accountability is critical for all of our elected leaders. One of the other ways in which I am able to stay engaged with the public is through news interviews, which allow me to discuss my efforts in addressing our nation's challenges and provide my perspective on issues impactful to our region. This week I want to highlight a few of these recent discussions in case you missed them.

A lengthy appearance on CSPAN's Washington Journal allowed me to discuss a wide array of issues, from national security funding to the value of vaccinations for children from a public health standpoint. I also reiterated my focus on the fight against the Islamic extremist group known as ISIS, and on the importance of this effort being made up of a coalition of other nations in that region so that it is not just an American effort. Another question that came up was about proposals to change retirement benefits for our veterans, and I reinforced my belief that our nation has an obligation to stand by the benefits earned by those currently serving and who have served. If you have time, please check out the video online to hear the full discussion.

I also had the opportunity to appear recently on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU radio. Kojo and I chatted about my daily commutes to Washington from my home in Montross, as well as the history of the First District and the reason it's called "America's First." My years as an environmental health specialist were another topic, and I enjoyed the chance to discuss my Chesapeake Bay restoration legislation, which was signed into law in December. The Bay plays a tremendous role in our region's economy, and Kojo and I had a great conversation about the various elements of my legislation and the Bay's economic impact. One of our final topics was about the continuing dysfunction in Washington, and I told Kojo about my accountability bills to reform the way Washington works: the No Budget, No Pay Act and the Stay on Schedule resolution. You can listen to our whole conversation online.  

Finally, I discussed a regional issue with national importance as part of the New York Times' Room for Debate series. In response to the question of whether offshore energy exploration in the Atlantic is necessary now that oil prices are so low, I argued that our nation's current reliance on fossil fuels,  especially when combined with the volatility of Middle East nations, does in fact necessitate the safe, responsible exploration and development of domestic resources, including those off our coast. In my conclusion to the article I wrote, "Responsible energy exploration off the Atlantic coast will help to reinforce the lasting stability of our energy supply and strengthen U.S. economic competitiveness for years to come." I believe that by approaching our energy infrastructure and, indeed, all public policy areas with long-term strategy in mind, we can be more successful as a nation.

I hope you'll continue to stay engaged with me as we work together to make our Commonwealth and this nation a better place. The main streets of Virginia's First District are full of ideas to get our economy back on track, and your feedback is critically important to me as I serve you. I can be reached by telephone at (202) 225-4261, through my website (, on Facebook (, and via Twitter (



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