Tuesday, March 24, 2015

York-Poquoson Circuit Court Clerks Office Press Release

York-Poquoson Circuit Court Clerk's Office Implements Major Technology Upgrade

Yorktown, Virginia, March 24, 2015 – Kristen N. Nelson, Clerk of the Circuit Court for the County of York and City of Poquoson, today announced that her office is now equipped with the Supreme Court of Virginia's Case Imaging System (CIS).

CIS gives the Circuit Court Clerk's Office the ability to maintain pleadings, orders, correspondence, exhibits, and paperwork in civil and criminal cases in a digital format. Increasing efficiency and access to critical documents, the technology will allow the Clerk's Office's to respond more promptly to requests from citizens and officers of the Court.

"We are always searching for ways to advance the latest technologies within the Clerk's Office, allowing us the ability to further improve the service we provide to the people of York and Poquoson and to the legal community," Nelson noted. "Since my appointment in August, I have made improving the technology within our office a top priority.

"This change provides access to important case information much more quickly, allowing our staff to serve attorneys, state agencies, and the public more promptly. With CIS, Clerk's Office staff will be able to view criminal and civil cases in electronic format rather than having to pull the file, reducing the amount of time callers would otherwise have to wait for a physical file to be pulled.

"The technology also gives our local attorneys the option of subscribing to Officer of the Court Remote Access (OCRA). OCRA allows secure remote access of digital case files to members in good standing of the Virginia State Bar and their authorized agents, pro hac vice attorneys authorized by the court for purposes of the practice of law, and such governmental agencies as authorized by the Clerk.

"I am committed as Clerk to protecting, preserving, and providing access to the records of this office. I will continue to pursue the advancement of office technologies, such as e-filing and e-recording. And, I welcome and encourage input on how our office can better serve the citizens of York and Poquoson and legal community."

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