Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tell me who you'd like to support:

No one knows Yorktown better than you -- we need your opinion!
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My first job in politics was on the New Castle County Council.

We met on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I'd leave my day job as an attorney and walk around the corner from my office on Market Street to the County Council meetings. We took on tough issues -- from sanitation to public safety, from public transportation to stopping highway expansion projects that went through residential neighborhoods, to zoning. Things that affect the quality of life for ordinary folks.

That local work was as important as anything I ever worked on as a U.S. Senator or Vice President.

My ability to stop the construction of a new chemical facility in the coastal zone of my county had as much to do with the health and quality of air of my county as anything anyone did nationally.

Today, this kind of work is more important than ever.

Local officials understand -- look at the reaction to the administration walking away from the Paris Climate deal.

Unhappy with the decision to pull out of this historic climate agreement, mayors from more than 200 American cities said, "Not on our watch." And they signed pledges to continue reducing their emissions locally. That matters.

Today, we're seeing a resurgence of leadership at the local level. Folks who aren't happy with their leaders are stepping up to take matters into their own hands. That is what makes America great -- our continual willingness to work together to improve the country we love.

We're building this organization together to help elect leaders and support causes that restore that uniquely American sense of possibility to our politics. And before I decide which races and causes I want to support, I want your help. Because nobody knows your communities like you do. Nobody knows Jefferson City, Youngstown, River Falls, or Yorktown better than you.

So as we put together our initial slate of candidates and causes to support, I want to hear from you. Share who you think I ought to be paying attention to -- from County Supervisor to local grassroots organizations to seats in the U.S. Congress. With your feedback incorporated, we'll announce the first round of causes and candidates that we'll be putting our support behind.

I'll start. I'm paying attention to State Senator Stephanie Hansen in my home state of Delaware, who recently won a race that tipped the balance of the state legislature here. Stephanie was a single mom who put herself through school while working a full-time job. She's the kind of person who doesn't have to ask anyone what it's like to be middle class, or read policy papers about it.

She knows, because she's lived it.

Stephanie is just one of thousands of regular Americans who have stepped up and decided to run for office themselves over the past few months, and those folks give me hope. They give me hope because I see so many of them who share my belief that everyone -- and I mean EVERYONE -- ought to have the opportunity to achieve the impossible in this country.

I'd put my money on us over them any day. Now, let us know where you want to put your money:

I'm proud to be fighting alongside you.


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