Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Mitt Romney, aided by party operatives both in Iowa state GOP election headquarters and the RNC, may have stolen, in my view, the caucus election at 2am this morning in Iowa with a questionable or even illegal recount.” Santorum unquestionably won that election by 4 votes in the regular count of returns. As a caucus in that state, all votes were to be certified at the local level on site where they were taken, with the results then passed forward. A potential scheme to deny Santorum that win may well be the reason why there was such a long delay in the reporting of two of the last precincts at the very end of the night! Megan Kelly and the other reporters on FOX News kept asking, “where are the results of these last two precincts from these two remaining counties?” “Why is it taking so long?” At one point late in the evening, the associated press put out the word that “some guy in a truck” was on his way to the HQ with the final results, and that “we would be hearing soon.”  But the truck never showed up. Then it was reported later, without explanation, that that story was simply not true. The late hours dragged by, with the few remaining votes trickling in. For a while Santorum and Romney were going back and forth. But eventually, Rick Santorum finally took the razor thin lead, after which it was continuously and consistently maintained.


After about 1 am, it became clear that, although extremely close, Santorum was going to win the election. At the very moment all the results were all in and tallied around 2 am, Santorum had won by 4 votes. Then all of a sudden AFTER ALL VOTES WERE IN AND TALLIED, some unnamed Iowa GOP leaders at the state election headquarters, who had been in communication with someone on the Republican National Committee in New York, decided to do a “recount” from Story County, predicting that Romney had been “undercounted” there!!! And what do you know? POOF! Magically there are 18 new votes for Romney out of nowhere … after the factafter the regular counting had been completedand Romney wins!!!


Simultaneously at about 2 am on FOX News former Bush advisor Karl Rove announces he just received a tip “from a reliable source” in New York (?) from someone on the RNC, that there had  been “gentlemen’s agreement (?)where it had been determined that there had been an “undercounting of Romney votes” in someplace called “Story” … or something like that. I guess it doesn’t really matter. And that they had a “gentlemen’s agreement,” right then and there that there was a discrepancy, and came up with an additional 18 votes for Romney!!!


What was anyone in New York from the RNC doing either communicating with or having anything to do with anyone counting votes in Iowa at 2 am in the morning? What was anyone in the Iowa GOP leadership doing at 2am in the morning “recounting anything” when there were to be no recounts? It had been explained all evening on FOX News that all votes in the caucus were to be certified at the local level, and that there were to be no recounts.


If anything was out of order with the count from “Story,” Iowa, shouldn’t we have heard about it long before that, and would it not have … and should have …  been rectified there … AND NOT AT THE STATE GOP ELECTION HEADQUARTERS AT 2 AM IN THE FREAKIN MORNING?


Santorum, and by extension grassroots conservatives, have been “handled” by the party establishment once again.  Ron Paul had done VERY well, but was “safely out of the way” in third place by that point as far as the party was concerned. But Santorum was now the big right wing threat. The race was unbelievably close … all the votes were in … it was late … it was behind closed doors where no one was looking where party operatives were in possession of the votes … and the moment was ripe for monkey business!!! Perhaps they simply couldn’t resist the temptation!  


Who were these individuals at Iowa GOP state headquarters involved with this questionable activity? May we have some names, please? Why were the results from Story, Iowa being re-examined at 2 am in the morning without any previous mention of a problem, nor with any explanation as to why, and not by the folks at the local level who collected and processed those specific results in the first place? They were certified initially at that level BEFORE being sent in to state HQ. So why the sudden “middle-of the-night” need for a recount? This stinks to high heavens!


It may not matter in the long run in terms of the fact that Santorum’s incredible performance is and remains the real story coming out of Iowa. He is still the big winner politically, and everyone knows it despite this seemingly dubious “technical” Romney win. I know that I certainly wouldn’t want to win anything under those circumstances! I don’t believe this will even help Romney, but the principle of the thing still bothers me. Hopefully, it will bother some of you, too.


The lesson is that we must always be alert to the ongoing problem of voter fraud and the insidious threat it poses to our republic, regardless of who is engaged in it. If this becomes news with legs what may be going on in the Republican Party during the coming campaigns, their attacks upon Obama will ring shallow with respect to his antics and involvement with ACORN, and with their audacious reputation for intimidation and attempts at stealing elections. I paraphrase Joseph Stalin who said it mattered not of people voting in elections. What matters is who counts the votes!  


The appearance of these sorts of sordid shenanigans, depressingly, are not a rare nor unusual occurrence involving an establishment picked Republican candidate versus a staunch conservative. It happens repeatedly right here in Virginia at various levels. So it wonders me not that it happens anywhere and everywhere else. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, sadly, on more than one occasion. I hang my head with deep regret having to say that, but the GOP leadership “establishment” has persistently gotten itself into situations which often give the troubling appearance of mischief, and they often appear willing to do just about anything to keep true conservatives from taking over their beloved yet pervasively dubious party.


You can substitute the term Tea Party” for conservative if you wish. The distinctions for working purposes here would be little more than technical.


WE NEED A NEW PARTY TO OPPOSE DEMOCRATS! NO …  NOT A THIRD PARTY, BUT A NEW SECOND PARTY!!! THE GOP WITH ITS CURRENT LEADERSHIP, CONSISTENLY HAS AND WILL CONTINUE TO NEED AND COURT GRASSROOTS CONSRVATIVE VOTES, BUT BETRAY OUR CANDIDATES AND SELL OUT OUR MOVEMENT at every opportunity! Nevertheless, it is constitutional conservatism which is necessary to take back this country and rebuild its greatness, not this current establishment Republicanism … whatever THAT is supposed mean to anyone anymore!


Was I personally in that GOP HQ last night and able to physically see what happened with the Iowa Caucus vote? Can I PROVE there was cheating?


Of course not.


But I don’t have to live in the sewer to smell a rat, either. When you add 2 plus 2 you shouldn’t come up with 5. What I have to say here is my opinion based on the facts I’ve seen as available at this time as well as from my experience in the past. And until I see irrefutable facts to the contrary to persuade me otherwise, that’s my very disappointed opinion, and I’m sticking to it.


Since they were there covering the story, it would be nice if FOX News continue and complete it’s reorting.



Mike Prunty


Founder and President

The American Freedom Project

Yorktown, Virginia

Cell: (757) 329-6879


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