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From: Senator Dick Black [mailto:district13@senate.virginia.gov]
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 12:30 AM
To: Mike Prunty
Subject: Re: VOTE YES TO HB-1160


Thank you for your message regarding HB1160, the bill that would prevent the unlawful detention of US Citizens.  Senator Black asked me to extend his gratitude for taking the time to contact him on this important issue, your input was essential.  Senator Black supports this measure and is fighting to make sure it passes.


Earlier today, there was an attempt to send it back to committee to kill it.  Senator Black voted against sending it back to committee and the attempt failed.   The Senate will take it up again tomorrow and Senator Black will continue fighting for this bill.  I encourage you to contact the other senators, if you haven't already, to give this bill the power it will need to pass.   This bill is vital to protecting Virginians against an overreaching government and it is far from passing unless the public outcry is deafening.


Thank you again for your input and for getting involved in the legislative process.  I know Senator Black appreciates you taking the time to contact him.


Warm regards,

Michelle Staton


Senator Dick Black, 13th District





Sent: Monday, February 27, 2012 9:22 AM

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Subject: VOTE YES TO HB-1160


Dear Senators,


I shall make this very brief. HB 1160 is up for a vote on the floor today. I not only encourage you to vote for it, but resolutely demand it. If you are not aware of the  fervor at the grassroots over this particular assault on our most basic Constitutional rights, then the peril will be yours. I am engaged in the regular monitoring of the grassroots activist rumblings and tremors. And this one is registering on the Richter Scale.


If you wish to set off a backlash which will only continue to build through your next election cycle … no matter WHO you are … then do not heed this advice. Anti-incumbent campaign organizing is beginning to form in certain senatorial districts as we speak. This particularly includes Republicans.


Please do not make the mistake of voting against this critical bill.


Mike Prunty


Founder and President

The American Freedom Project

Yorktown, Virginia

Cell: (757) 329-6879


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