Saturday, January 4, 2014

YCRC Election Help needed 7 Jan! FW: From Mel Rapp Beale - Need Help on Tuesday, January 7 for Norfolk Special Election

Greetings, Fellow Republicans!

Below, please find information on how YOU can help Republicans have a majority in the Virginia Senate this Tuesday!

This election is extremely important for ALL Virginians since we did not win the Lt. Governor's race to have a tie breaking vote in a split Senate.

Many thanks to YCRC member Melanie Rapp Beale for organizing Peninsula Republicans for this effort on Tuesday!

Please contact Melanie TODAY to let her know you can help!


For God and Country,



Lynda Fairman

Chairman, York County Republican Committee




Hello everyone,


I will be heading up a caravan of volunteers on Tuesday, January 7 to head over to Norfolk to get out the targeted GOP voters in the Special Election for former State Senator Ralph Northam's seat.  The GOP in the Senate NEED this seat to take the Senate of Virginia as we lost the Lieutenant Governor's race.


We will meet at the Victory Boulevard Super Kmart parking lot out near the Chick-fil-a restaurant at 9 AM sharp.


I plan on leaving at 3 PM to come home.  I know they still need people to work later so feel free to stay longer in the day or even to get there after 12 PM.  They need all the help they can get.


It would be GREAT to have a lot of people from the Peninsula to come out and help!  Please ask your family and friends as the more the merrier.  *:) happy


Please email ( ) or call me at 898-3663 if you are able to come.


Thank you very much,








As I said, we have been doing a great job identifying voters for Coleman throughout the district.  We are in a great position to pull off a win here – assuming we are able to turn out our people Tuesday.

To that end, we are trying to find folks who are willing to work on the ground during the day on Election Day – January 7.  What we want are volunteers who can assist with voter contacts that day – calling favorable voters and hitting doors in targeted neighborhoods to make sure our favorable voters are coming out to the polls.  Some of our best volunteers are students who will be back in school by then or are folks affiliated with the GA who will be away for session by then.  Hence, we need to try to find people from other areas to supplement those we have from the district.


We will be beginning at 9 a.m. and running straight through 6:30 p.m.  Volunteers can report to our office at 9555 Shore Drive to pick up their materials or to make calls.  If folks can commit to working all day, we will send them to one neighborhood and have them go to houses all day until they find the voter making sure the person votes.  If a person can commit to a 2-3 hour shift, we can slot them in appropriate at that time.


Additionally, there is a training session this Saturday at 12 noon at 7421 Central Business Park Drive, Norfolk for folks who want to phone bank on election day.  This training session will focus on an effort to target voters who we know have not yet voted.  If volunteers are able to make it to that training, it will be helpful.  If they are not able to make the training, that does not hurt their ability to volunteer on election day – just let us know and we will make sure they get the information they need.

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