Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The York County Board of Supervisors have proposed drastic restrictions on agriculture and farming throughout a vast majority of York County! Their proposals range from an all out ban of agriculture in the Rural Residential (RR) and Resource Conservation (RC) districts to prohibiting landowners in almost 80% of the RR and RC parcels from providing food for our community.

The first public comment period where the Planning Commission will discuss removing agriculture from York County will be on May 14.

We are organizing a rally in front of York Hall starting at 6pm. The planning commission meeting starts at 7pm. We need you to come and speak at the PC meeting!!!

The meeting will be at York Hall. A map and directions can be found at this link:,Yorktown,+VA&cid=2485899313611859447&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A

There is good information and links about their proposals at this link:

Please write us at and let us know if you can come. If there are any farmers out there who want to bring their marketing materials or even samples of their products, we're thinking of having some tables setup so people can see what local producers have to offer that may be lost.

Thank you!!!

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