Sunday, August 28, 2011

York County hurricane aftermath update

August 28, 2011
York County's Waste Management Center is open today until 4 p.m. for citizen drop offs, and will be open regular hours starting tomorrow.
The curbside pickup schedule for Hurricane Irene debris will be announced tomorrow. When putting debris out for pickup, make sure that:
- Debris does not block the roadway
- Debris is not near trees, poles, or other structures, or under power lines or over utility manholes, all of which make removal difficult
- Debris is placed within 10 feet of the roadway
- Debris is not cut up into small pieces, but no larger than 24 inches in diameter and 10 feet in length, which makes removal difficult
- Debris is separated by category: electronics, large appliances, hazardous waste, vegetative debris, construction debris and household garbage must not be mixed
Several downed trees and power lines have been reported throughout the county, but most roads in the county are passable at this time. Currently, only West Queens and East Queens Drive are impassable due to downed trees.
Both county shelters are still open, but the majority of people have already started heading home. The threat of storm surge is no longer impacting the county, so all evacuation orders have been canceled. Citizens are encouraged to use caution in returning to their homes since there may still be hazards in the area such as tree limbs that still may come down and debris along the edge of the road or on the edge of the road.
Many county residents are still without power. To report a power outage or a downed power line, please call Dominion Virginia Power at 866-366-4357. Please use caution when using generators, candles, etc.
The county's Hurricane Hotline will remain up and operational throughout the day today. If citizens have questions, they are encouraged to call 890-3674.
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