Saturday, December 31, 2011

FW: Check this out: NYR Organic


Happy New Year!!


This is to all my beloved conservative lady friends!


Let me admit right out front that I don’t know anything about this stuff because I’m just a poor, dumb guy!! But Lorraine Walsh is a very dear friend of mine, a terrific conservative, an immensely sweet, generous and loving soul, and I want to help her out. She has been struggling for a while as many of us have in this Obama economy, and needs to do something to help feed her multiple and continuously hungry young little ones. So with her army husband, John, just coming home from Iraq, she is attempting to make ends meet a little easier by taking on a franchise with the line of “natural” beauty products, “Green and Gorgeous.”


Now ladies, that’s all I’m going to say about the beauty products, because it is NOT my advice you would be interested in … I’ll leave that up to Lorraine! I wish I had had the time to get this information out to you BEFORE Christmas, but I was just too darned busy. I’M SORRY LORRAINE!!


However, she did ask me to pass on to you that she has a special 45% discount going on right now with a number of these products which may well just happen to be something you currently need. I guess that would prove to come in handy, right?


Please do me a huge favor and give my friend Lorraine a call. I want to help her earn a little extra honest income. This isn’t a charity case … it’s a business … it’s a  conservative lady’s way of solving her own problems … so I urge YOU to pursue your own beauty needs and interests by calling her.


Her web page is displayed below, as is her name and email address right above it. Her home number is (804)365-7749. Her cell number is (757) 268-5254. If you have any trouble reaching her, then you can even give me a call. My cell # is (757) 329-6879. Trust me. I love Lorraine. You will, too.



Mike Prunty


Founder and President

The American Freedom Project

Yorktown, Virginia

Cell: (757) 329-6879


From: Lorraine M. Walsh []
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2011 10:25 PM
Subject: Check this out: NYR Organic


Thanks Mike - spam me with your marketing advice!

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December 2011

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I am so excited to be sharing these wonderful certified organic products with you!! NYR Organic is a 30 year old award winning company from the UK that recently launched here in the US. I have been in the skin care industry for over 7 years. When I first tried NYR, I could not believe how amazing the products felt on my skin. I decided to align myself with this company to share these amazing products with you. Read through this newsletter to learn all about NYR Organic. Let me know if you want to try our products or join me in building an NYR business. An amazing 50% of our catalog is priced under $20.00!

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