Monday, December 3, 2012

Fwd: Invitation: VDOT I64 RIC-Hampton corridor expansion public meeting @ Tue Dec 11 5pm - 8pm (Glenn McGuire)

This may be a great opportunity for an Libertarian approach to be brought up.
Stacy will probably do well representing Libertarian Ideas, but support for Stacy and simular ideas would be beneficial.
Thank Stacy for her staying involved too.
A study released by the Daily Press in the last year showed more traffic crosses the Newport News/Yorktown part of I-64 than use Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, yet most of the attendtion is on the 3rd tunnel ideas. Originally I-64 was scheduled to widened to 6 lanes from Newport News to Richmond (3 each way) years ago. After several delayed, all the envirmonmental impact studies have expired (and the waisted money associated with it) and Virginia would almost have to start over.
Glenn McGuire

VDOT I64 RIC-Hampton corridor expansion public meeting

This meeting could shed light upon expansions, but could also incorporate possible TOLLS. I'm sending this to you because its important that we voice our opinion on the traffic situation we deal with every day along this corridor.

Please join us for this educational session with VDOT.

Tue Dec 11 5pm – 8pm Eastern Time
Bruton High School, 185 E. Rochambeau Drive, Williamsburg (in upper York County) (map)
Glenn McGuire
UPS Dave
Becky Adams
Shauna Pauling
Glenn McGuire
Michelle Lakins
Michelle Sherwood Wintermantel
Kathy Macklin
Keisha-MBA 454
Michelle Avery
Steven Zaremba
Scott Hay
Kimberly E Macklin, (Kimberly)
Tom Spellman

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