Monday, March 25, 2013

RPV Delegates - no YC Mass Mtg

Good Morning, Fellow Republicans,


Thank you for turning in your Delegate Pre-File Forms to attend the 2013 RPV State Convention on 17-18 May 2013. We received 103 Pre-File Forms by the 21 March deadline. Since we did not receive Delegate Pre-File Forms from the maximum number of authorized York County Delegates (670), all applicants who meet the stated qualifications of being a registered York County voter  and signed to support our Republican nominees are hereby elected as delegates, as per the information on the York County Mass Meeting Call. Because of this, we will NOT be having the York County Mass Meeting this coming Thursday, 28 March, as originally scheduled.


Once you have been certified as a registered York County voter, I will send email confirmation to you as an authorized York County Delegate to represent York County Republican voters at the 2013 RPV State Convention.


As I receive more specific information for Delegates about the RPV State Convention, I will forward that information to you.

For now, you can check out the overall 2013 RPV Convention information at and

Delegate information at  on the RPV website ( ).


I look forward to seeing you all at the RPV State Convention in May!


For God and Country,



Lynda Fairman

Chairman, York County Republican Committee

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