Friday, March 8, 2013

York County Board seeks applicants for Colonial Behavioral Health board

York County Board of Supervisors Seeks Applicants
For Colonial Behavioral Health Board

March 8, 2013   


     The York County Board of Supervisors is seeking applications from county citizens interested in serving on the Colonial Behavioral Health Board when future vacancies occur.  This is a regional board and serves to provide overall administration and coordination of mental health, mental retardation, and substance abuse programs.  Members meet the first Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. at the Colonial Behavioral Health office located at 473 McLaws Circle in Williamsburg.
     York County citizens interested in applying for future appointment to the Colonial Behavioral Health Board may obtain an application at the County Administrator's Office, 224 Ballard Street in Yorktown, or by calling 890-3320.  Applications may also be obtained and filed by using the county website. Enter the county's website at, click on "On-Line Services," and then "Board Bank Application."

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