Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fw: Antique Cars and Truck for Sale

Fellow Hobbyists: Forwarded as requested-- They look very interesting.
Thanks Jay!!

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Subject: Antique Cars and Truck for Sale


George Maddrea, an old friends of ours who was a long-time resident of York
County and lived in old Marlbank, passed away last Spring. We have offered
to help his children sell his antique cars. The following are for sale:

1938 4-door Ford Standard, black with red interior
1964 Ford Falcon Sprint V8 Hardtop, dual exhaust, 4-speed, bucket seats.
Would really be a neat cruiser.
1975 Ford Explorer F100 Pickup, 6 cylinder, with shell on bed

All three look to be in good condition but have not been started or driven
for quite a while. The '38 and the Falcon have great paint and look like
they would clean up beautifully.

Could you please pass this message to club members and any other contacts
you have who might be interested? They can contact me, and I will arrange
for them to look at the vehicles. Email me at or call Jay
at 757 243-8682.

Jay Ancarrow

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