Monday, March 24, 2014

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night... and a question

I know this is a sacrifice, but it only happens once every 2 years !!
The YCRC Mass Meeting is:
-Tomorrow (Tuesday) night
-Grafton High/Middle School
-Starts at 7:30, but doors open at 6:00 to pre-register
-Should be over by 9:00 or 9:15
ANYONE that is a registered voter in York County can attend and vote, no pre-registration was needed.
Can you think of anyone else that you can bring to the meeting?
Almost every constitutional conservative that l know of is supporting Shirley Charles. She is a principled woman of integrity.
Greg Garrett 
offices in Hpt Rds from Chesapeake to Williamsburg
Licensed in Virginia
cell # 757-879-1504

Please let me know who needs to buy or sell a house

Help Orphans NOW! (click here)

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