Tuesday, March 25, 2014

YC GOP Mass Mtg 3.25.14 update

Greetings, Fellow Republicans,


è Tonight is our York County Republican Mass Meeting at Grafton Middle/High School Auditorium (turn at light opposite WaWa on Hwy. 17 to get to GMS/GHS campus). Please park on the Middle School side (to the right when entering campus) as that auditorium door is the one that will be unlocked. The registration/check-in begins at 6 PM with the meeting beginning at 7:30 PM. You MUST be in the registration/check-in line by 7:30 PM to be able to be checked in, vetted, and receive your ballots. If you are late (not in line by 7:30), you will not be allowed to register. (I suggest you arrive early as over 200 voters Pre-Filed to vote tonight and “walk-ins” are welcome to add to that number!) Just as in a “regular” election, you must show your valid Voter ID Card or a valid photo ID (drivers license, military ID, school ID, etc.) that shows your name and picture.  There will be two (2) check-in desks in the inside “lobby” area next to the auditorium that will be marked by signs: one for those who submitted their Pre-File Form by 5 PM on 8 March (and have not been contacted by the Credentials Committee as not being a registered voter), and another table for those who “walk-in” tonight to have their York County voter registration checked via computer or phone call to York County Registrar by Credentials Committee Chairman. Those “walk-ins” must sign the Republican Affirmation Statement document at the check-in table to be able to vote. (Those who filed a form already signed this on their Pre-File Form.) There is a voluntary $5 fee to help defray the costs of this Mass Meeting (advertising, printing, supplies, etc.) that may be paid by cash or check at the registration table.


è At the time you are checked in, you will receive your ballots. There is no early voting, and you cannot give your ballot to someone else if you decide to leave before the voting begins, as only one ballot per voter is allowed, and proxies are not allowed. If you leave before the voting time, you forfeit your ability to vote. Keep your ballots in your hands at all times as these are your voting credentials. If you lose your ballot packet, you may NOT get another one. Please bring a pen or pencil with you to mark your ballot.



è Some people have questioned my recent forwarded emails from the candidates for Chairman or their supporters. Below is the reason this is allowed to let everyone know I continue to strive to “follow the rules”, as I have throughout my term as YCRC Chairman:


As is normal for any GOP Unit Chairman when requested by a candidate, candidate’s supporter, or issue representative, information may be forwarded to the Unit’s membership and other Republicans. Doing so shows neither support nor endorsement, as is evidenced by my comment, “YCRC Member Sheriff Danny Diggs requested I send this to you.” It is merely passing along information. It is not the Unit Chairman’s responsibility to inform opposing sides/views of others’ requests – that’s their campaign’s job to be “on the ball” and thinking about how to get their message out to voters; each campaign has different timelines and methods for advertising. It is not the Unit Chairman’s duty to act as a “go between” among campaigns.


Regarding the “legal” question, the RPV Party Plan states in Article VII (Official Committees), Section I (Endorsement of Candidates), “An official committee shall not endorse…any candidate who is running for a Republican nomination for public office unless that candidate is unopposed for that nomination…Nothing in this Section shall be construed…to prevent a member or officer of an Official Committee, as an individual, from endorsing a candidate in a contested nomination.” As such, a Unit Chairman may endorse candidates legally, as long as he/she is acting as an individual, not speaking on behalf of the Unit Committee as a whole. This is why the names of Unit Chairman are often listed as supporters for a candidate but never the Committee as a whole:

“Atlantic County Republican Committee Chairman John Smith endorses…” but never “The Atlantic County Republican Committee endorses…”


« Remember – the YCRC is an Official Unit of the Republican Party of Virginia and, as such, is required to follow the RPV Plan of Organization, known as the RPV Party Plan. (just like a Charter in other organizations) You can find the RPV Party Plan on www.rpv.org .



I look forward to seeing you all at tonight’s York County Republican Mass Meeting for voting and to hear some of the candidates for the Republican nomination for US Senate and other scheduled guest speakers.

Have a lovely day!


For God and Country,



Mrs. Lynda Fairman

Chairman, York County Republican Committee



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