Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mass Meeting - I need your help

It has come to my attention that all over the state, the outcome of mass meetings are being controlled and manipulated.

Our Mass Meeting will be held at the Grafton High School/Middle School Auditorium, 405 Grafton Dr., Yorktown, VA 23692, starting at 7:30 PM (registration starting at 6:00 PM) local time on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.

The purpose is to elect a chairman, committee members, and delegates to our state convention.

Please come meet the candidates and vote!

Examples of "Chicago politics" last week in Virginia!
1)"Last night, the purge of conservatives in the Republican Party of Virginia continued- as duly filed delegates from Campbell County were "slated-off" in yet another attempt at Establishment control. As with previous attempts, they invited in known Democrats to aide them in their bid for power- denying numerous delegates the opportunity to go to the Fifth District and State Conventions."

2)"They even excluded dedicated members of the Richmond GOP committee, including the hardest working member of the party, a campaigner so effective you could track where he was responsible for the ground campaigns by the anomolously higher Republican voter turnout for the precincts."

3)"The Republican Party of Virginia Beach has not slated delegates since 1983, as it is a generally understood practice that disenfranchises voters and unnecessarily limits participation in the party."

Just so you know,  I support Shirley Charles, young, fresh, and dedicated to uniting and rebuilding the local party.

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