Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Letter to Mr. Romney

Dear Mr. Romney,

            In 1913 with the ratification of the 16th and 17th Amendments, the two national political parties aided by the apathy of the American people, destroyed the basic concept of governance put forth by the Founding Fathers. From this beginning, we are now being ruled by an elite intellectual, financial and political Oligarchy. One more election and the telescreen will reveal the true face of Big Brother.

            The Oligarchy is glued together by the "K Street Boys'" tax code. Therefore, I offer you, Mr. Romney, the following easy, no smoke and mirrors, corrective measures.

Abolish the tax code and the IRS. Levy the tax burden upon the several states based upon the same census that apportions the distribution of the several Congressional Districts. The states can determine how the levied tax burdens are to be collected in their respective states. I wonder what happens when people understand that current annual federal expenditures cost every man, woman and child $12,000 each and the tax man cometh.

            Repealing the 17th Amendment will some take time. However, an overt advocacy by you focusing upon the Senate's role of representing the several states in approving a Federal Budget would begin to cause the several Senators to remember that they were elected to the Congress to represent their state not their political party.

            OK, Mr. Romney, there it is; a way for you to demonstrate to the Tea Party and conservatives that you are not an establishment Republican. Bring the power of the purse and the political responsibility of Senators back to "We the people".

Bob Dewey


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