Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Letter

            As a nation we have been ruled, not governed, for the past forty plus years by an elite intellectual, corporate and political Oligarchy. The current administration merely made obvious with its Czars, corruption of the political process we thought we knew and fiat executive orders that our heritage of a government "of the people" was but a memory now encased in history.

            It is said that this is the most important election of our lifetime. But if rule by the Oligarchy has for two generation not bothered us, why should it now? Our children's children do not even understand what their grandparents are talking about. The two political parties, with lineage back to Hamilton and Jefferson, had very different political power points, the central government and the sovereign states. They are now fused into one, feeding off the central government. Both political parties are guilty of this conspiracy to subjugate the people to the rule of the Oligarchy.

            The issue before the nation is not about jobs, contraception, the debt or immigration. These are but problems that need to be solved. The issue, always hidden by the politicians, is whether we wish to continue to be ruled by the Oligarchy or do we wish to again shoulder our forefather's burden of self-governance?

The underlying premise of our nation, our Creator bestowed unalienable rights, provides both freedom and responsibility. We have failed to be good stewards of our heritage. If it is unpleasant for you to consider this, you may find comfort with Winston and Julia before the telescreen and "Big Brother" will sooth away all of your problems.


Bob Dewey


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