Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The worst week of his campaign?

From Grassfire Nation

Dear Robert Bruce,

Conservatives are witnessing a coordinated effort to deflect attention away from what should be the real issues in this election. The liberal media would have you believe that the past week was the worst of Mitt Romney's campaign.

In the days that followed Romney's strong comments criticizing the Obama administration in the wake of deadly attacks on U.S. diplomatic offices, and after a secret video (recorded back in May) "suddenly" became widely circulated on the Web, the Left appears to be using whatever means necessary to take the focus off the President's record. Instead, they'd rather place a spotlight on what it labels as "controversial" statements from the Republican candidate.

+ + Don't Be Fooled by the Liberal Media's Spin

Unfortunately, many Americans are being fooled by these latest attempts to kill Romney's positive political momentum. They see the President rubbing shoulders with celebriities, like Beyonce and Jay-Z. And they hear Obama tell David Letterman that "I'm going to work as hard as I can," even though his record clearly says otherwise.

Americans who believe in smaller government and lower taxes MUST make their voices heard in November. We need to quite the noise and cut through the spin of the liberal media.

+ + Show everyone in Yorktown where you stand.

If opportunity is more attractive to you than "redistribution" and if you think personal responsibility is a better strategy than big government, then Grassfire can help you speak out for conservative values!

Do you support the Romney/Ryan ticket and believe in the ideals that Mitt Romney continues to talk about -- "elegantly stated" or not? If so, Grassfire has a way that you can show your family, friends and neighbors where you stand in this election. Go here to get your exclusive Romney/Ryan ReStickers and yard signs:

Romney/Ryan ReSticker

Our "Romney/Ryan 2012" ReStickers and yard signs are showing up in cities and towns across America. Our ReStickers' revolutionary design and construction allow them to stick and re-stick to almost anything. Just one can reach thousands of people between now and Election Day. Order yours today!

Thank you in advance!

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Quantities of the "Romney/Ryan 2012" ReStickers and yard signs are extremely limited. In fact, our first printing of ReStickers sold out in one week. Our second -- and final -- print run is almost gone. Don't miss your chance to stand with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Order now!

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