Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Letter

            On the 6th of November, 2012, the great social-political experiment conceived in Philadelphia in 1787 was relegated to the dust bin of history with great fanfare.

            "We the people" have cried out to government, "Hosanna". We cannot save ourselves. We proclaimed our desire to allow man to intercede between us and God as heretofore prohibited by the 1st Amendment. We have shouted with words and deeds that the family is no longer the bedrock of our national society. The entities of government are now vested with the role of parent. Mothers, once the heart of the family, are now just workplace statistics. Government services and science have replaced the need for husbands. Marriage constituted for the propagation and care of children is now about the rights of the respective couples. The free press has become an arm of the very government from which it was to protect us. Property rights, once protected by the Bill of Rights, are now subject to the whim of government through EPA regulations.

            As the sun sets on the 7th of November, the exceptional nation "Of, By and For the people" created upon the notion of God given unalienable rights has perished. The words of Gettysburg are now but a vague distant memory. We are today not governed. We are ruled by a remote Oligarchy, embraced by both political parties, interested only its retention of power. We have joined Winston and Julia before the telescreen. Man, not God, is now to be our King.

            "We the people" are the creator of our station and as a people have a choice. We can either recognize the errors of our ways and correct them or continue blindly to the siren's call.


Bob Dewey


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