Friday, November 2, 2012

Board of Supervisors to hold public hearing on proposed changes to recycling/solid waste collection

November 2, 2012
     The Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, November 20, at 7 p.m. in the Board Room of York Hall to receive public comment about the county's recycling and solid waste programs prior to determining how the programs will be restructured. Citizens also may provide written comments to the Board of Supervisors at P.O. Box 532, Yorktown, VA, 23690-0532 or by email to A comment line has been established for individuals who wish to leave their comments. Citizens can call 890-3220 and leave their name, address and a brief message. These messages will be transcribed and included in the record of the public hearing.
     Since 1993, most York County residents have had an option to use county-provided programs for curbside collection of garbage and recyclable materials. The garbage collection has been funded by user fees, while the recycling collection has been funded by tax dollars. Earlier this year, the Board of Supervisors eliminated funding for recycling from tax revenue and instead incorporated recycling collection service into the fee-based system. This means that only users of the trash and recycling services would be required to pay for those services.
     The county's recycling programs include curbside pickup, a drop off center, household chemical collection, compost service and leaf collection.  Through agreements between the county and the Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority, most of these services are performed by commercial contractors.  While some of the recycling programs generate revenues, collectively they do not cover the costs of the recycling services.  Contractors submit bids for the provision of recycling services, and in developing their price, they consider the revenues they might generate from the sale of the materials they will collect at curbside and the cost to dispose of any materials they cannot sell.  In Fiscal Year 2013, it is anticipated that the county's net costs for the recycling progrmas will be $1,173,000.  The majority of these costs are for the labor and fuel associated with the various programs. 
     In addition, prices for collection and disposal of residential garbage have risen steadily (primarily in fuel costs), which requires an increase in the solid waste collection rate of $1.50 per month (the first rate increase since 2005).
     The proposed service design and fee structure is intended to pay for solid waste disposal and all aspects of the county's recycling programs and to encourage residents to participate in the program since doing so helps to minimize the amount of solid waste that must be collected and transferred to landfills.  
     If these proposed changes are approved by the Board of Supervisors, citizens would be able to choose from the following subscription service options:
·         Basic Service: $18.50 per month - provides one (1) 96-gallon container and every week collection of
garbage and one (1) 96-gallon container and every other week collection of recycling. 
·         Solid Waste Only: $24.00 per month - provides one (1) 96-gallon container and every week collection of
garbage only. 
·         Recycling Only: $4.00 per month - provides one (1) 96-gallon container for every other week collection
of recyclable materials. 
     If these proposed changes are adopted, the following services would be available for a fee to non-subscribers:
·         Citizen Drop off (Garbage) - $52.00/ton (same as current)
·         Yard Debris Disposal (self haul) $38.00/ton (new)
·         Yard Debris Collection (curbside) - $75.00 (increase from $25.00)
·         Citizen Drop off (Recycling) – free (same as current)
     For more information about the proposed program changes, visit or call 890-3780.

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