Saturday, February 9, 2013

The York Forum Needs your HELP!

York County Citizens,

Below is a email (edited) recently sent by a concerned citizen to the York County Board of Supervisors.  The York Forum is interested in hosting forums to address these and other concerns with county leadership.

To do so, your HELP is needed.  Is there interest to invite the county supervisors and/or staff Leadership to speak in an open, orderly and civil forum?  To ask them the tough questions, so they can hear directly from constituents.  The Citizens of York County pay the bills, and deserve an opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and provide input.  

You are encouraged to attend Board of Supervisor meetings, held twice monthly at York Hall to also voice your concerns.  The agenda of these meetings, however, are supervisor driven and you may not have a chance to voice your position and concern.  If you do speak, each person is limited to 3 minutes and no response from the supervisors is required.

The York Forum needs your input!!  Include topics or concerns you would like addressed with the supervisors and/or county staff leadership.  

Simply reply to this email with your comments and input.

God Bless,
The York Forum

Dear Members of the York County Board of Supervisors,

When is the County spending spree going to end and for you to wake up and see the taxpayers are struggling and do not want to pay for a bigger more bloated York County government!

To think that on the heals of a 12.77% tax hike another is being considered because of budget shortfalls?  And you want to spend $35 per citizen for a sidewalk?

Here is a suggestion to reduce your budget, how about we don't spend any more County resources litigating baseless attempts to shutdown business.  The Circuit Court has ruled that the York County Zoning Administrator acted improperly and illegally.  How much have we spent in staff time and lawyers fighting such senseless endeavors?  

It is ironic that we supposedly have a "Republican" board which are supposed to be pro-small business and pro-property rights.

The next election can't come soon enough so we can get some actual conservatives in Yorktown making good decisions for our community!

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