Tuesday, April 9, 2013

YCRC Update: Budget Forum Cancelled 11 Apr

Good Morning, Fellow Republicans!

The YCRC sponsored YC Budget Forum scheduled for this Thursday, 11 April, has been cancelled per Wade McRoberts' email below and Tom Nelson's notice of cancellation to the media.

The Board of Supervisors, School Board members, and YCSD Superintendent were not available to attend.

I will let you know if the FY14 Budget Forum Committee (Wade McRoberts, Tom Nelson, Anthony Bavuso, Chuck McGee, Ken Hamner) has any further updates.


Have a wonderful spring day!

For God and Country,



Lynda Fairman

Chairman, York County Republican Committee







From: mcbob76@verizon.net [mailto:mcbob76@verizon.net]
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 1:29 PM

Subject: Re: YCRC Budget Forum




At the meeting Thursday we discussed three different ways ahead:  cancelling the Forum outright; proceeding with the Forum but with a different program; and offering the Supervisors a chance to set a date at their convenience for a Forum.  We discussed the pros and cons of each.


Pat Block made an outstanding suggestion:  Canvass the Supervisors for a date that is agreeable to them.  It's unlikely they will agree (based on Walt Zaremba's e-mail) as it doesn't sound like the date was what was disagreeable--but it's the right thing to do to offer them another chance.


With that, please cancel the date at Tabb Middle School.  We'll need to backtrack everyone we've made releases to and announce the cancellation.  I suggest an e-mail back to the Supervisors to see if thay would consider a do-over.  However, it would have to be fast, since their budget deliberation time is drawing down.  Would you like the e-mail to come from you or from me?  If from you, I'd be happy to draft it, and I will get it to you soonest.  If from me, I'll try to send it by tomorrow (Sunday) evening.


Thank you everyone receving this for your efforts in this and everything else you do!






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