Monday, November 7, 2011

All the stuff i've sent and only 117 FB LIKES for Harmon?

I'm getting back on Facebook to recruit more. Although, as our candidate, "Mr. Clean" ("I won't get into the mud, I've got the grass roots") says, accurately, Mamie Locke has only gained a few supporters since she started paying attention to this election and we have gained at least 100 more in that same time. Maybe most folks won't even see it at this point but why not, I can't sleep tonight anyway.

I am still basking in the glow of our AG's recent doubling of his original donation and his message, "Finish strong".

I am still laughing at Mamie's Sunday windshield flyer, to only her black churchgoing constituents. She sure makes a strong case for unseating career politicians. She apparently assesses her previous voters as being so vapid that they can't even think for themselves by offering her "translation" of Harmon's "republican code messages" of self-reliance and personal responsibility. 

Wonder what she has sent out to York County's mostly republican voters? Oh yeah, that's right, I forgot. NOTHING.

Sure wish my ship would come in. I would love to donate actual cash on the last day of the campaign.

Cary Nunnally

Limited government. Without it we take away millions of opportunities to realize the American Dream. --I said it

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  1. I guess there are some that will never leave the Democrat plantation. It's such a shame that a whole group of people have completely lost that piece of their humanity that yearns for freedom.