Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hi all,


This is to anyone who MAY be planning to attend the 5th Anniversary Yorktown Colonial Christmas Party on December 10th, I have been looking for a choir or other organized small choral group to perform about 30 to 35 minutes of selected Christmas Carols this year. I think that would work out to about 6 or 8 songs. I regret that I have been unsuccessful so far.


So I am asking for help with this detail in addition to the other help I’ve asked for. If any of you belong to a church choir, or other choral group, would you please ask them if they would like the opportunity to do something like this? We are still one month out, and attendance is already well over 100 people! It is really early for that many RSVPs! So projections are that the audience will be substantial this year … this biggest yet!!! Remember, this will be a conservative audience!


The songs to be sung are classic and very familiar tunes which should be easily rehearsed. My son has a Yamaha electric keyboard if nothing else is available for accompaniment.


I shall have recorded music as I usually do, but the prospect of having a special live choral performance would be a tremendous and truly special thing to contribute.


It would also be fun!!!


Please check with your choir or choral group … if you are either in one or know one … and call me back right away!!! 757-329-6879.


Thanks a million!!!


Mike Prunty


Yorktown, Virginia

Cell: (757) 329-6879

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