Tuesday, November 15, 2011

urgent action!

Sweeping Changes Coming to York County Zoning: THIS WEDNESDAY NITE, November 16th! If you want to participate in picketing, be there at 5:15-6:15 @ 301 Main Street, with or without picket signs! Also, please be at the Public Hearing of the York County Board of Supervisors at 7:00 p.m.,York Hall!

Urgent Action Request !!!! 
The York County Staff recently told the Board of Supervisors that the Citizens have NOT BEEN CALLING to express concern over the new anti-property rights, anti-agriculture, anti-waterman, anti-aquaculture, anti-environment, anti-Bay Zoning Law restrictions......
PLEASE MAKE one short phone call and leave a message.................
Call Tim Cross of York County at 890-3496.
Tim is a nice guy and will give the Sups the numbers of callers that call in to voice their objections. All you have to do is give your name & say that you are against the Zoning Changes being voted on this coming Wednesday night.

The new three R's of York County zoning will be Restrictions, Regulations and Raising Fees; all of these amount to a government encroachment upon the property rights of York County residents and invisible tax increases in the form of permitting fees which limit the citizen's freedoms and choices.

Board Members, Concerned Citizens and members of the media:
The changes being voted on this Wednesday night and currently favored by the majority of the Bd of Supervisors in York County are not only unprecedented in Va, but will have devastating consequences for our citizens, our quality of life, our health, our freedom, our self sufficiency as a community & our environment.
Take a look:
1. Farmland: Currently there are 7940 parcels that can be farmed(where crops or animals can be sold off premises).........if this passes there will only be 115 parcels that will be able to be farmed. This is a 98.5% reduction.
2. Working Watermen: Currently there are 1322 homes where working watermen can dock their boats and offload their daily catches, by right or after they obtain a special use permit.......if this passes there will only be 10 homeswhere this can be done. This is a 99.3% reduction.
3. Aquaculture: Currently there are 1322 homes where homeowners can do aquaculture with a special use permit on their land & on their docks.......if this passes there will not be a single oneThis is a 100% reduction.
4. Freedom: We, the citizens will only be able to do on our own private property what is written in the Zoning Code or some activity similar to something written in the code.

A special "Thank you" to Brenda and Roger Pogge for this update!

Mary Leedom

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