Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A little inspiration

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Robert --

If you're following the news, you've seen how far the Republican candidates are willing to go to win on Super Tuesday -- from embracing extreme policies on women's health to pouring millions of dollars into attack ads.

But the real story of this election is taking place right here in our backyard.

We've been launching new field offices across Virginia -- and while the other side is hard at work tearing each other down, we thought you might want to see how our grassroots supporters are building the foundation we'll need to win our state in November.

So at a recent office opening, we asked volunteers to share why they're putting so much time and energy into this fight. For Carol, it's to help the unregistered voters in her county participate in the political process. Kimberly stands with President Obama and Virginia's Democrats in the fight for the middle class. And Herb wants to make sure everyone's voice is heard in this election.

That work is ramping up across the Commonwealth. So watch the video we put together for a little inspiration -- then commit to volunteer in Yorktown by joining a phonebank and pitching in to build this organization.

Video: Office opening in Virginia

You don't need me to tell you that Virginia will play a key role in getting to 270 electoral votes on November 6th.

Back in 2008, you got to see firsthand what our state can accomplish when folks from Arlington to Roanoke come together. We're growing this organization person by person, block by block, to get people fired up -- because it's going to take that same energy and determination, and then some, to win in 2012.

Now is the time to prove that Virginia can do it again -- and joining the team in Yorktown is the perfect way to start.

Sign up today, and we'll get in touch with all the ways you can volunteer:




Lise Clavel
Virginia State Director
Obama for America

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