Saturday, March 3, 2012

moderator instructions

The goal is to find as many opportunities to participate in real game changing elections.  First focus will be on US Congress and to "throw them all out" & replace them with independents.   

Step One:  Find an election event or add a new event (in column to the left)
____Format of the election event name should be as follows:
______SC Locality Office     example: VA Yorktown Dog Catcher
______SC is 2 letter state code or "US" for federal elections
_________Locality, if applicable, would be a city name or such.
________________Office would be the title or office in contest. Please be complete.
___* Use abbreviations but no punctuation.
___* specify difference between Federal office and State such as:
______PA US Cong District 7 Rep   or   PA House District 5 Rep

Step Two: Suggest and Vote on who we should support in that election.

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