Thursday, September 12, 2013

Board seeks applicants for Employee Grievance Panel


September 11, 2013
     The York County Board of Supervisors is currently seeking applications from county citizens interested in serving on the Employee Grievance Panel.  Panel members solve employee grievances that escalate to the panel level.  The Panel is responsible for interpreting the application of appropriate government policies and procedures in the conduct of a panel hearing in an employee grievance case.  The Panel meets when a grievance reaches the panel level. 
     Consideration is given to applicants who are either familiar with or practitioners of employee-management relations. The Board of Supervisors makes an effort to appoint to the panel one member from each of the following areas of endeavor:
a. management of private business;
b. employee ranks of private business; and
c. individual with knowledge of and experience in mediation and conciliation of employee disputes.
     York County citizens interested in applying for appointment to the York County Employee Grievance Panel may obtain an application at the County Administrator's Office at 224 Ballard Street in Yorktown, or by calling 890-3320.  Applications may also be obtained and filed by using the County website.  Enter the county's website at, select "On-Line Services," and then "Board Bank Application."

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