Wednesday, September 11, 2013

District 5 Crime Report Update and Notice

Dear Neighbors,


Some good news and not so good news.  The Sheriff’s Office announced on Monday that one of the three individuals on the run and charged in the recent string of day and night time burglaries in District 5 has turned himself in to law enforcement.  The individual is charged with multiple counts of Burglary and Conspiracy to Commit Burglary plus other related offenses.  The arrest leaves two of the four culprits still on the run.  The two currently incarcerated are being held in the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail without bond.


Here is the not so good news.  On September 4th there was a house break-in that occurred on Brentmeade in the Wythe Creek Farms neighborhood.  When the homeowner arrived at his house, he noticed the front door was damaged and slightly ajar.  The house has been ransacked and electronic equipment and other valuables including a coin collection were stolen.  The Sheriff’s Office has not tied this burglary to the group that is charged with the previously mentioned burglaries.  This could mean that there is another individual or group of individuals on the prowl.  To underscore this concern, last night a car parked on Emerald Court in the Mill Crossing/Woodlake Crossing neighborhood was ransacked.  The owner intentionally leaves his car unlocked and nothing of value in the car. 


Two major strings of burglaries have occurred throughout District 5 over the past six months and it appears this mini-crime wave may not have yet subsided.  I now strongly recommend that you, your neighbors, and your homeowner association (if you live in one) take extra caution so that we can nip this crime wave in bud before it gets any worst.  There are several actions that you can take to help fight crime:


- Secure your property.  This means locking your doors, both to your house and cars.

- Do not leave valuables unsecured and exposed to view.

- If you have a monitored house alarm system, use it.

- Install deadbolt locks.  If your door has a window or there is a window next to the door, make sure the deadbolt lock requires a key on the inside to unlock it.  Otherwise, a burglar can break the glass and reach in and unlock the deadbolt.

- Install outside lights to the front and back doors and driveway area that contain motion detectors.

- Do not let newspapers pile up around your driveway.

- Do not leave a ladder propped against the house.

- Trim shrubbery so that your windows are exposed.  Tall shrubs hide criminal activity.

- Plant shrubbery that inhibits access to windows.  Holly and Barberry are excellent choices.

- Get a dog.

- Let your neighbors know when you leave for a long trip.  The Sheriff’s Office also has a “Vacation House Check”program where a deputy will routinely come by and check on your house while you are away.

- Participate in your neighborhood Crime Watch Program

-  Do not hesitate to dial 911 if you see anything remotely suspicious.  The 911 Center will process your call and pass the information to the on duty deputy who will in turn prioritize your call with other calls. 


This email is not intended to alarm you.  It is designed to get your attention.  Our protection is a priority and we need to be actively involved to keep our homes, neighborhoods, and the community a safe place to live, work and play.




Tom Shepperd

District 5 Representative

York County Board of Supervisors


Home (757) 868-8591

Mobile (757) 604-3079


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