Tuesday, June 26, 2012

FW: Thank you and "Closure"

Hello good friends and former Bob Marshall supporters,


You have myextreme” apologies for getting back in touch with you so late. But it is not due to a lack of effort. I’ve talked to Bob Marshall at least three or four times on the phone, Bob Allen at least three or four times, and Cathy Marshall at least twice over the last two weeks. These were all in an effort to get them to come down here for a “thank you” get together for all of you volunteers and supporters, as well as for them to retrieve whatever signs and wires you were able to salvage from the campaign. I won’t speak for them. Cathy Marshall provides her own explanation below.


I realize a lot of time has gone by. Therefore, I must ask you whether or not you feel you are still interested in having this little get together as late as July 2nd, as Cathy Marshall suggests. I’ve told them all that I felt this was perhaps a little too slow on their part, and that we were all ready for closure and needing to get on with our lives. Most of you are likely holding on to signs and wires wondering whether to throw them out or not. Remember, we would be bringing those signs and wires with us to the event for the Marshalls to bring back home with them.


PLEASE email me back as soon as you can to let me know how you feel about this so I can gauge whether to go forward with it or not. If enough of you would like to do this, I’ll be happy to go to work on it. I’m willing to host this at my house here in Yorktown, but I realize that the majority of you live over there on the Southside. If one of you over there would volunteer to allow us to have it at your house, it would likely be better for all … perhaps someone “centrally located” between Suffolk and Va. Beach. Those of us on the Peninsula and above could easily meet at my house and then car pool over there.


This would be a “covered dish” little gathering to avoid a food burden to whoever is the host, and keep it simple. I don’t imagine the event to be of more than 2 or 3 hours on a Monday evening due to the distance from which everyone will be coming. Perhaps 5-8pm? or 6-9pm?


Lastly, if this date just doesn’t work for you, or some other date would be better, or if you just don’t feel this is any longer of interest, then I need to know that as well. I assure you that your views and votes will be kept close to the vest and go no further than “yours truly.”


One last thing. If I have left anyone out of this notification/invitation(?) that you know of, or if I’ve missed anyone that I don’t know about, please forgive me! Feel free to contact them and include them in on what is going on. See the address bar above.


I’m so proud of you all for being not only great patriots, but wise ones in recognizing the best man for the job of U.S. Senator, regardless of the success of the campaign. This demonstrates beyond anything your commitment to principle over all else.




Mike Prunty



From: Catherine Marshall [mailto:catherineannmarshall@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 12:42 PM
To: Mike Prunty
Subject: Thank you and "Closure"


Mike - Forgive our delay in setting something up to thank supporters and retrieve signs.  After our week away we have been busy retrieving signs and clearing moutains of paper and trying to restore some order at home.  Hope you understand.  Then, my sister and family came to viist this past weekend and are due here again Saturday on their way back from a vacation, so we have been busier than usual. 
Do you think Monday, July 2, would work for you?  Bob Allen thought that you might be willing to have people meet at your house (if we misunderstood, then please correct us) to hand over signs, and perhaps Bob could thank people personally for all they did in the campaign.  Let us know if this date works for you and others.  If not, we can try to rework. 
Mike, we truly can never thank you adequately for your support over the years, and most recently on the campaign trail.  We of course wish we had not asked everyone to do so much, given the results, but if there is a silver lining, we at least have additional people willing to "work the system" in Richmond to fight for the constitution.  Again, we thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

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